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The Archangels Series

The Angel Of Pride

ISBN 9781979063791



A city where orphanages overflow with children abandoned by parents too poor to keep them. The Seraphim Network does what it can to shelter children from the economic storm that surrounds them. That is, until kids start going missing.


Shaw is one of the Network’s elite agents. When one of the orphans goes missing, he has a mystery on his hands. When the paperwork adds up to nothing, and the trail goes cold, he’s forced to draw on all his training and skills to save a child's life.


Isabel has been fighting to climb the ladder. Fed up with being poor, her entire life revolves around work. That is, until she meets Shaw and gets drawn into the madness of his life. Can she put love before work? Or will her entire world fall apart?

Angel of Control



Something earned, not expected. Jaycee has been the commander of the network's elite squad for ten years. A position she had never taken lightly, and as a result, they are the top team in the shadowy world of corporate espionage. 

But in future Seattle, security is never a certain, and when it rains it pours. A new Wrangler threatens her position, a friend passes on, and Jaycee's perfectly ordered world spirals out of her control. 

With friendships dividing and her mind in tatters, this is the worst moment for assassins to threaten her brother's life. Now she must seek redemption from those she has wronged and heal the rifts she caused if she has any hope of saving her only family  from certain death.

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