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The Archangels

The Archangels are the elite team of the network. The ten operative have been hand picked for their superlative skills in their specialist fields. Each one is completely loyal to the Network and The Seraph. The are the ones called in where everyone else would fail. They are the ones to rescue the stranded, kick bad guys butt and bring home the data. The are the stars or our Archangels series.

Team Gabriel

Alexia aka Swfit 

 Heavy Weapons Specialist 

 The Party Girl 

Asher aka Double H

 Hand to Hand Combat expert 

 The 'Smooth Talker'

Evan aka Brute 

 Close Combat Specialist 

 The One with Anger Issues 

Garrett aka Stitich 

 Medical Expert 

 The Mad Scientist 

Hendrix aka Crash 

 Drones and Mechanics Specialist 

 The Chaotic One 

Joanna aka Jaycee

 Tactical Specialist

 The Leader  

Rhys aka NeRe 

 Off Site Hacking God 

 The Arrogant Showoff 

Sebastian aka Analouge 

On Site Hacking Specialist 

 The Veteran 

Shaw aka Syrio 

 Infiltration Specialist 

 The Pretty One 

Trey aka Spectre 

 Stealth Specialist 

 The Rarely Seen aka The Teenager


Off Site Hacking Specialist

The Newbie

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