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The Fixers 

The Fixers are the go between for the Operatives and the Network. They are an operatives primary point of contact and are expected to know their teams inside and out. Fixers assign green lit jobs to teams of the appropriate skill set and size. Ultimately they are responsible for the success of their teams and a good fixer can be the difference between a prosperous career and incarceration. 

Kai Green

Tier: 6, Western Division Manager.

Operatives: Classified.

Fixers: All of Seattle Office and associated satellites.

Information: The youngest Division Manager and Fixer the Network has an operation. Kai’s progress through the ranks is something of a legend within the department and it a legend well earnt. Kai started life in one of the Networks orphanages and was offered a position upon the completion of his studies. Since then he has worked tirelessly to better the Network and move up the ranks. Kai is a fair even tempered boss who is seldom flustered by the antics of the operatives under his command. His only flaw is his addiction to chewing gum.



Tier: 5

Operatives: None

Fixers: None

Information: The indispensable PA for Kai, Diego enjoys a unique position within the Network. As Kai’s assistant and right hand he is privy to most of the highly classified missions the Network have in circulation and is assigned the mammoth task of keeping the office running when Kai is away.


Hadley Greek

Tier: 3/4

Operatives: Haven, Isabel,

Info: She stands out amongst the crowd of fixers not aloy for her signature Khaki cargo shorts, tank top and dreads, but for her laid back attitude and hands on approach with the operaties. Where most fixers limit operative interactions to the mission on hand Hadley likes to keep things informal and personal. If they ever have a need, at work or at home, she will do all she can to help resolve their issues. This has made her one of the most popular Fixer amongst the operatives and her own peer group.



Tier: 3

Operatives: Jacques, Lucinda,

Info: A prim and proper woman with an unfazeable air to her. Synclaire is one of the more experienced level 3 fixers. Not much is known about her private life because she lives to keep her home and her work entirely separate. Loyal to a fault, she is always looking out for her teams.

Eli Brunn

Tier: 2

Operatives: Haven, Isabel,

Info: Was originally a field operative but after a failed mission involving the serious injury of another operative Eli was resigned to office duty in one of the Networks more legitimate areas of business: Their orphanages. Eventually Eli is able to work his way up the ranks and resume a position within the Network as a Fixer.

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