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Welcome to the Dreamscape

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You have found your way to the home of the Seraphim Network. A series of books written by the author collaboration, Yasmin Hawken.

In a Cyberpunk Seattle the city is run by the corporations. A law unto themselves they control the people, whether through food production, job allocation or physical security. Nestled in the grim and dirty underbelly of the city exists the Seraphim Network, a shining star on a field of darkness. There plan is to break the chains of corporate control and bring the city back to the people one corporation at a time.


The Archangels Series centres around the Networks elite team. Each book focuses on a different member of the group and their struggles through the neon jungle. The stories range from romance to revenge, and we see how being an elite operative impacts their life and the lives of those they care about?


The Everyday Series centres around different members of the Network, from the fixers running the office to the new operatives starting to find their way in an unforgiving world. They show the struggles of everyday life, their desperation for basic necessities and their attempts to climb the ladder of success.

​We intend to bring you a series of drama, adventure and lovable characters in the many books to come. Join us in the shadows as we seek to free this neon world from the enslavement of the Mega-corporations.

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