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The Management

The Network management are a secretive bunch. Enigmas wrapped in mysteries hidden behind smoke and mirrors. They only emerge for the most severe emergencies and even then you'll never know if it really was one of  THEM you were speaking to. 

The Seraph  

The shadowy head of The Seraphim Network, the Seraph keeps all the plates spinning. No knows anything about their true identity. To the Network's operatives they are an ageless, gender-less, race-less, faceless leader needed to keep the place in check. They could be anyone....that's a level six and higher. 

In  Seattle Callista sits at the top of the Network. Her job is to keep the Network on the path of its true directives: breaking the corporate control of Seattle and protecting the Networks chief assets; its Operatives. Having only been Seraph for five years she still has a lot of work to do, as long as her terrible secret doesn't tear down her hard work .

The Twins

Vita and Vega are the personal bodyguards ,and right hand men of The Seraph. Nothing gets past the doors of the inner sanctum without their approval and they terminate any potential threat with extreme efficiency. Loyal to a fault  these men would lay down their lives for the woman who is their life long friend, as well as their boss. 


The Seraph's personal assistant and receptionist. She maintains the Seraph's general administrations and supervises the top floor lobby. 

Isabel Blackburn a.k.a Vine

Book: Angel of Pride

The Archangel Wrangler is tasked with keeping the Seraphim Networks elite operatives in line, in good health and out of the eyes of the City Security force. Newly appointed to the role Isabel will have to find her feet quickly in this fast moving world of shadows. 

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