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The greatest change in the modern world is the gadgets. New gizmos have swept through the world and changed it forever. But how do you tell  AR glasses from an AR gauntlet? and what the hell is a Nerual Implant? 

This is where we de-crypt some of these mysteries and shine a light on the world of tomorrow. 

AR - Augmented Reality is the application of the virtual world over the physical world. Only visible through specific glasses, lenses and projectors (see AR Gauntlet), AR allows the user to remain online all the time.

AR Gauntlet- A large cuff that sits upon the users forearm. The Gauntlet projects AR images into the air around the users allowing them to interact with the Nexus and AR markers using AR gloves. 

AR Glasses- Rimmed glasses that can be worn as a more immersive or discreet way to interact with the Nexus using AR gloves. Favoured as a passive way to view AR markers in the word. Glasses are a more expensive alternative to an AR gauntlet. 

AR Gloves- Gloves containing a thin Nexus transmitter in the palm and thin metal filaments stretching the a sensor  at each fingertip.  The gloves are worn in conjunction with AR Gauntlet or Glasses allowing interaction with AR markers and communication tools including keyboards and drawing pads. 

AR Markers - Locations in the physical world that have an Nexus attachment that can be accessed when in their vicinity. These can vary from pop-up adverts to open message boards. Anyone with an AR device such as a Gauntlet or Glasses can see and interact with these. They are a popular source of marketing for most companies. 

Nerual Implant-  A Neural Implant is a device implanted into a persons soul and attached to their brain. It allows a person to directly plug themselves into a Nexus Gateway and mentally enter the Nexus Dreamscape. 

Nexus Gateway - A small square device that connects a person to the Nexus terminal and allows them to enter the Nexus mentally. Older models were built into a chair for the users comfort but more recent models have been condensed into a portable box allowing access on the go. The Nexus Gateway has multiple safety protocols in place to prevent a person being in the Nexus too long  and will forcibly eject them if they encounter an issue. Most Hackers will disable these protocols allowing themselves to dive into he nexus for longer.

VR- Virtual Reality is a  simulated three dimensional  image or environment that is completely separate from the physical world. The user can interact VR with either through immersion via a Neural Implant or an external VR device, i.e. gaming headset. 

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