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The TechPit

The TechPit is the heart of the Network. In their fort Knox style basement the Networks team of hackers scour the Nexus for information ranging from the secret backdoor of corporate systems to background checks on the latest batch of recruits. It is also the main defence from the dangers the Nexus age brings.  






The Lead Hacker and Boss of the TechPit. Generally funny and unfazed by the antics of The Network’s eclectic collection of hackers. He is one of the best hackers the Network employs, but also the most humble. His ego barely ever gets in the way and has allowed him to attain a position of great responsibility at a young age. Managing the growing arrogance of the over confident hackers under his command is a hard job, but he manages it well. Generally by spending too much time at work. Seriously. No one thinks this guy has ever heard of a social life.


The Hackers


An arrogant jock as well as the friendly TechPit drug dealer. He has a dark past that follows close behind him, but he will never speak of it. His programming skills are top notch and he is known for his stealth programs. Not a lot is known from him outside work but he’s finally starting to open up to his small band of friends.


An outside consultant that rolls into town every few months. No one knows his real name, his origins or where he lives...and that's not for lack of trying. Something of a legend in the hacker community he preens like a peacock and has the skills to back it all up. Most of the TechPit have been in his bed or wish they were. The man has some serious skills both inside and outside the Nexus.



One of the quietest hackers the network employs. It took awhile for her to find her way, but slowly the introvert is carving her niche into the techpit’s landscape of personalities. With her nest of ‘M.I.C.E’ (Mini.Infiltration.Collection.Extraction programmes)  data searching is her strongest aspect. There are no secrets this girl can’t find. They always say the quiet ones are the people to watch out for!

Book: Caustic

The main protagonist in Caustic, Venom is a sarky work-a-holic with far too many hours logged into the Dreamscape. After a hack challenge gets her in deep water she turns to a new found drug to try and dig her way out; alienating some of her closest friends in the process. Follow her adventure as she trawls through the dangers of the Nexus hacker games and tries to shake off the shackles of her newfound addiction.


Book: Coming Soon 

Amid-range hacker with dreams of making it to the elite tier Greyson is a hard worker. A second generation corpratate baby Greyson defied his family to join the Networks crusade. But turning you back on a corp isn't easy. When a message arrives from beyond the grave Greyson is dragged back into the murky world of the corporate giants and must keep his eyes open if he is ever going to find out the dark secret that has haunted his family. 

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