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The Everyday Series


ISBN: 9781544220260



The chemical props desperately holding together a defunct society. If you aren’t prescribed them to function, then you are dropping them to escape harsh reality. Water costs the same as rent. A 24/7 society leaves no time for sleep, and your only chance for financial freedom is enslaving yourself to the mega-corporations. Welcome to Seattle.

Venom is a twenty-something-year-old hacker employed with the illusive Seraphim Network. Her life is simple: wake, work, party, pills, sleep, and repeat. That is, until an illegal data steal gone wrong forces her into the grasp of the newest drug on the market. NeuroPep…a hacker’s dream come true or their final nightmare.

When pushed to the limits, Venom is forced to choose: her friends or the drug?

The Fringe 

ISBN: 978196971737




The corp driven, gang infested city hides a secret. Amongst the law, and chaos of Seattle is nestled The Fringe. A festering hive of lawless criminals, where the security are too afraid to go.


When Lucinda, and Jacques are tasked with the terrifying job of traversing The Fringe for an invaluable asset they are forced to put themselves to the test. Not only that, but they are forced to team with a difficult guide. Noir.


Noir has been to the Fringe before. It’s not a place he ever imagined returning, but a man always pays back what he owes. Taking the greenhorns through the lawless jungle is a task in itself, but facing The Fringe’s biggest evil is something he hadn’t expected to do.


Recycled Lives 

ISBN: 9781095150429


Jaques life has been hard. 

Abandoned as a  young child he's been knocked about by a run of bad luck and bad situations, but since meeting the Network, life seems to be on the up. That is until a new flame comes back into his life. Now Jacques finds himself caught between two women who are playing a deadly game that can only end with blood being spilled. 

Ava's adjustment to the bright lights of Seattle has been less than smooth. Since her escape from The Fringe, she has been thrust into a strange world she barely understands. And it doesn't take too long for trouble to come knocking. When a new enemy appears, Ava may have to break her one rule and trust in someone. 

Can these two loners come together to protect each other, or will their pasts lead the to ruin?

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