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The Mega-Corporations are large conglomerates that dominate vast areas of business. In the modern world it is possible for one person to spend their life making every purchase from the same Mega-Corp and never be aware of it. 

These money making machines hold the power to control the lives of the everyday populace through their amenities, food and entertainment. They hold sway over the local and national government bodies. Often influencing laws to suit their own purpose. 

It is only a matter of time before they cease using the governmental figurehead and take over completely.

Key Corporations:

Atlas - Atlas is a cutting edge bio-engineering company specialising  in 


Auxilium - The leading supplier of Augmented technology Auxilium is steps ahead of its closest competitor in the industry of bodily improvements. Lately their focus has taken a more charitable turn resulting in more accessibility to high end products for Seattles lowest earners. 


Cibus INC - A powerhouse  in the food supplement industry Cibus has taken food production out of the countryside and into the city. With a drive for high intensity high yield hydroponics and alternative 'livestock' farming most food in Seattle has started in one of their warehouses. 


Suretsu Industry -


Cadius Technologies - A new Cyber Security Firm linked to several corporations across America, Cadius has quickly set itself as the premium company for rules, high quality protection from cyber related attack. With Hackers and IT experts from a wide variety of fields and some dubious backgrounds they are not a company to be messed with. 

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